Remote Risk


Our solution uses a ground-breaking voice technology to help your team quickly clear the majority, and alert to those who might pose a risk.

Fast, effective, convenient screening: 10 minutes with highly accurate results, just a phone call.
Effective in all areas of human risk inside and outside your organization.
Automated and unbiased, scales to any population size, in any language.
Easy to implement.

The result? Earlier, more precise identification of human risk.

How it works

Automated Interview

Participants take a simple automated telephone interview. The call takes less than 10 minutes and is easily added to any process.

Create 5 Yes / No Questions

Questions are tailored to your business and the specific use case
Hiring Example: “Did you purposely omit any required information from your job application?”


RRA analyzes responses and provides a report.

Benefits to Your Business

More Secure

Earlier identification of risk to your organization.  Flag new or emerging threats during quarterly/annual audits.

Reduce Costs

Reduce government fines.
Decrease reputation damage. Lower costs from fraud and
other theft.

Improve Efficiency

Identify threats faster. Focus on high-risk individuals. Easily add to any security process.

Industry Solutions

RRA can be applied effectively in every industry and country and can be used across a vast number of use cases. See how we help solve your industry’s toughest human risk problems.




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