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Accelerate Trust

AC Global Risk is revolutionizing how human risk is assessed

Next Generation Technology

We leverage our proprietary, next generation, voice biometric technologies and our expert, combat-tested counterintelligence and special operations know-how to provide our clients the ability to detect and mitigate human-based risk factors impacting their organizations.

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Screen in — Not Out

AC Global Risk, Inc., is a California-based technology company which was founded by a team of veterans from elite special operations units, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, voice analytics experts and engineers. We are the world’s first globally networked, risk assessment services platform. We believe in the power of technology teamed with human experts to accelerate trust, forever changing the way human risk is identified.

Revolutionary Risk Assessment Technology

Government Risk Assessment


We are proud to provide our risk assessment services to clients who have made it their life’s calling to serve and protect.

Commercial Risk Assessment


Our commercial offerings are designed to help employees accelerate through previously long, pain-staking processes. Our non-invasive, unbiased, fast risk screening process saves our clients time and money.

Social Risk Assessment

social impact

We believe in total impact. There is no better way to help make impact than on the front-lines of the fights against extreme poverty, poaching of wildlife and the growth of violent extremism. We deploy our solutions to the most remote regions to support the most innovative NGOs and Government Organizations in their amazing work.

Expert in Risk Assessment

Area of Expertise

  • Insider Threat
  • Anti Fraud
  • Insurance Analytics
  • Military/Defense Screening
  • Human Terrain Risk Mapping
  • Counterintelligence
  • Legal/Investigative
  • Disaster Response
  • Loss Prevention
  • Due Diligence