Extreme Vetting

Extreme Vetting is a suite of measures designed to ensure that the deepest possible background check has been carried out on an individual, or group of individuals (while keeping cost and time constraints in mind) before granting admission to the US.

Remote Risk Assessment (RRA®) is a new voice-analytics technology that forms part of the Extreme Vetting process.  RRA is able to identify high risk individuals seeking to navigate the refugee and asylum system. Once identified, those high risk applicants can be made subject to closer scrutiny before the decision to deny, delay or accept is made. RRA allows scarce immigration resources to be properly directed to where they are needed most, while allowing the smooth progression of low-risk applications.

In the context of refugee screening, RRA should be thought of as a triage system. The overwhelming numbers of asylum seekers and refugees that developed nations are currently faced with makes it such a pressing humanitarian issue. At AC Global Risk we offer effective vetting and screening solutions in support of Governments’ duty of care for its nation’s citizens.

RRA interviews can be conducted on-site (in refugee camps, Embassies, Consulates or other overseas physical locations) or via our call-center.

Further Information on Extreme Vetting