Gaming Theft Prevention Technologies

Occupational fraud in the gaming industry is on the rise. The impact of this fraud is clearly significant and security teams are doing everything they can to accelerate timely identification. However, even with today’s advanced monitoring and surveillance technologies, gaming organizations have blind spots and cannot quickly and effectively identify those employees and contractors who expose them to occupational fraud.

Two of the hardest problems to resolve are scale and focus – simply knowing where to begin looking amongst hundreds or thousands of dealers, other employees, or contractors handling cash on the floor, in the cages, and elsewhere. Expert security resources are limited and trying to view every minute of video footage is not practical.

RRA solves for both scale and focus and also makes your other fraud solutions far more effective because you can now apply them in a focused manner, rather than wasting resources on people that pose low or no risk. Our solution is also unique in that it covers both the existing workforce as well as new hires, where basic background checks don’t provide anywhere near the coverage you need to feel confident in whom you’re hiring.

Our voice screening technology is tailor-made for Gaming. It will quickly help you identify where to focus your efforts and do so accurately and cost effectively. It can also be deployed in less than two weeks and requires no technical integration.

If you have any questions about whether RRA would help with significantly lowering your gaming organization’s occupational fraud, please contact us.