AC Global Risk helps your team triage at-risk claims to provide both claims and investigative experts with a prioritized list of likely fraud.

RRA can be used for any type of insurance claims fraud – for example, to identify inflated homeowner policy claims, overstated accident claims, or false workers compensation claims.

AC Global Risk is honored to be featured in this week’s Aite Group blog publication on the evolution of InsurTech Crawl, Walk, Run: The Evolution of Insurtech

OnDemand Webinar: How the Power of Voice is Accelerating Underwriting and Reducing Claims Fraud.

Alex Martin, AC Global Risk CEO and Jay Sarzen, the AITE Group Senior Insurance Fraud Analyst, discuss:
  • Trends and innovation presented at ITC
  • Available technologies and tools to address fraud
  • How voice technology can enable quicker claims and applicant processing while identifying where potential risk exists

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