Solution spotlight:

Allied Forces, Afghanistan

In 2018, AC Global Risk was commissioned by Allied Forces in Afghanistan to screen applicants from local tribal populations, who volunteered for military training, to ensure no Taliban or militant threats were posed by applicants. For the purpose of validation, RRA results were compared to the results of a separately executed rigorous and extensive (traditional) screening process, which included multiple national-level vetting checks.

RRA was added as a blind check in the final stage of the process using a simple 7-question automated interview conducted in 3 local languages. More than 700 individuals were screened in less than 20 hours under very austere conditions.

Results of this evaluation conclusively determined RRA’s effectiveness at screening large populations for threats:

  • 100% of the risks identified with the standard vetting process were independently identified by RRA.
  • A number of additional high-risk individuals who were not flagged by the existing vetting process were identified by RRA and subsequently validated by allied forces to be high risk.
  • Total time to screen was 1/100th the time compared to the traditional process. At the conclusion of this mission, RRA was independently validated as having greater than 97% accuracy for use in the most consequential, life or death situations.

As a result, RRA has been validated by the US Military as highly effective at rapidly identifying high risk threats for use in even the most consequential, life or death situations.

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