Every organization should consider 5 critical areas of human risk…

“What tools are you going to use to get 100% coverage so you can focus your team’s resources?”

– James Gordon, Reed Inc.

Your organization interacts with a universe of human risk that changes every day: people coming and going; people inside and those outside your organization.

At AC Global Risk, we believe that effective screening starts with a complete understanding of every area of potential risk.


Organizations always want to hire the most trustworthy and qualified applicants, but it can be challenging to apply traditional internal security procedures when candidates are not yet part of the organization. Adding RRA to your HR toolbox can help ensure a more comprehensive background screening is conducted before the final hiring decision is made.

Just add RRA to ensure effective background screening.


Life circumstances can change a persons motives. Good people can be pressured – financially or otherwise – to pose a serious inside threat.

Just add RRA to keep up with evolving human risk from within your organization.

Incident Response

Incident response: When rapid investigation into a human risk incident is needed, ensure your SIU or risk team focus on higher risk individuals.

Just add RRA to more quickly identify the root cause.

3rd Parties

3rd Parties: When your organization transacts with external suppliers, contractors, foreign nationals, claimants, or other partners. Many may need access to your organizations data and IP or are claiming payment and may pose a fraudulent risk to your organization.

Just add RRA to vet 3rd parties or their specific transactions.


When employees leave your organization, it is paramount that IP, confidential data, and other sensitive materials does not leave with them. The implementation of RRA in the exit interview process can serve as an additional preventative measure to enhance organizational security.

Just add RRA to build an effective exit interview process

Remote Risk Assessment

Just add RRA and we’ll alert your team to any potential threat.

Faster. More effective. Less costly than any other screening alternative.

“AC Global is the first order sensor that tells you where issues lie – nothing else can do that.”

– James Gordon, Reed Inc.