Stanford Ignite Program Celebrates 10 Years, With No Signs of Slowing

Another of Taylor’s favorite success stories was founded by a U.S. military veteran. Led by Alexander Martin, AC Global Risk launched a new product last year that uses voice-based threat detection to screen refugees and identify terrorists or other security threats.

From Marines to Entrepreneur: Alex Martin

Many veterans leave the military wanting to lead a company, but would like to do something at least loosely related to what they did in the military. Marine Corps veteran Alex Martin did just that.

New Extreme Vetting Technology Supports Worldwide Counterterrorism Efforts

AC Global Risk has announced its new I3™ extreme vetting solution to Identify, Investigate and Interdict foreign terrorists and others who pose security threats to the USA. The foundation of the I3™ solution is Remote Risk Assessment (RRA®), which accurately identifies human-based risk during short automated interviews conducted in any language.

Revolutionary Risk Assessment Technology Offers Vetting Solution for Refugee Screening

California tech innovator AC Global Risk has announced that its new technology, Remote Risk Assessment (RRA®), is now available for screening of refugees entering the United States, Europe, and elsewhere to identify those refugees who pose potential security and terrorism threats.