RRA is a unique risk-assessment product that accurately translates vocal information into levels of risk that can be used by your team for discovery and further investigation. Unbiased and validated with a high level of accuracy, RRA works by means of a brief, automated phone interview in any language. Responses to each risk-related question are analyzed, evaluated, and categorized across the risk spectrum from Low-to-High risk.

Unparalleled Success

RRA has never failed to meet customer expectations and it has been used across the world in both commercial and military environments.  When used together with human expert judgement, RRA provides a highly effective solution to solve your human risk challenges.

Works across Industries and Use Cases

RRA can be applied to any industry, in any region of the world. It works and produces correct and verifiable results across a vast number of use cases and diverse areas of human risk, including:

  • insider threat identification
  • hiring
  • 3rd party fraud identification or other risks

Regardless of the application, RRA works the same way with no software customization required. It’s simple to use, and its positive impact will provide immediate benefits.

Essential Part of Alerts Ecosystem

RRA operates as an essential part of an alerts ecosystem. This ecosystem relies on the risk, security, HR, as well as other investigative and due-diligence teams to minimize insider threats and other high-risk events. RRA provides data that is essential to identify, assess and mitigate human-based risk.

RRA should be used as just one input by a human expert to assess risk for a specific person or transaction.


Not too long ago, these voice and AI technologies were sci-fi.

Voice-based technology continues to advance at a dizzying pace and RRA takes it to a new level. Our proprietary voice analytics process identifies and translates specific voice output characteristic into highly accurate risk alerts.

RRA risk alerts are precisely categorized from Low-to-High risk, and help human experts make faster and better judgements about the risk facing your organization.

How It Works


RRA can easily be added to your current screening or vetting processes. If you have a large population to screen, our speed and ability to scale make RRA highly impactful early-on. RRA will allow you to quickly clear the majority of those screened, and provide you with greater clarity and focus concerning the specific human-based risk faced by your organization. RRA is simple to deploy and can be introduced where you determine it will be most beneficial.

Follow Up

RRA was designed to help human experts make quicker and better-informed risk decisions. The RRA system assesses risk along a continuum, from low-to-high, for each interview topic so that specific risks can be precisely identified for more effective follow-up.

Hardware or Other IT Requirements

For system administration and results review, a basic computer with access to the internet is required. For participants, they will need access to a phone and to be able to receive interview instructions


Depending on the RRA application and population, the entire product can be delivered without us ever knowing the interviewee name or other PII. Everything in our system can be tracked using only identification codes which you provide us. We can discuss this in more detail if you are interested.

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