Our solutions can be used throughout the public, private, and non-profit sectors to help organizations quickly implement solutions to the hardest problems they face.

Insider Threat

Protect your organization’s sensitive information and intellectual property from theft, misuse, and abuse.

Anti Fraud

Detect and eliminate sophisticated criminal activity, from synthetic identity and credit card fraud to money laundering to tax evasion.



Insurance Analytics

Integrate and analyze health data to identify fraudulent schemes, improve patient outcomes, and identify meaningful trends.

Military/Defense Screening

Provide cutting edge and highly accurate human risk assessments to allied and coalition security forces, from support facilities to the edge of the battlefield.


Implement technology and use data to enhance security and safety internally and externally.

Human Terrain Risk Mapping

Use RRA® risk data to plot risk topographically and assist with navigating complex human terrain.


Identify, Investigate and Interdict human based risk for specific problems in government and enterprise.


Leverage data to identify vulnerabilities, protect personnel and resources, and prepare better for the unexpected.



Efficiently, effectively, and securely exploit and analyze data from our technology to drive more informed operational planning and strategic decision-making.


Assess risk in your clients and our data to better inform case work.



Provide advanced screening and monitoring solutions for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance.

Vendor Integrity

Monitor risk exposure in real time, flag instances of abnormally risky behavior, and investigate and resolve cases before the risks escalate.



Leverage technology to identify vulnerabilities, protect personnel and resources, and prepare better for the unexpected by knowing who is volunteering for you.

Due Diligence

Support audits and due diligence with our automated due diligence assessment interviews.

Loss Prevention

Help protect your goods, materials and assets by proactively implementing our audit solution.

Consultancy/Custom Projects

We offer expert consultancy in complimentary areas of human risk management as well as additional services, such as behavioral risk assessment reports. We are able to customize our application to best meet your need.

Individual Risk Assessments

Conduct comprehensive screenings of specific issues for large volumes of individuals.