Remote Risk Assessment

RRA® is a voice-based threat detection technology designed for screening and vetting operations; conducts supervised, automated telephonic screening interviews and provides individualized risk assessment reports for interviewees based upon end-user developed criteria.




False Negative Results


Technically Reliable

Proven Technology

The technology behind RRA has been independently evaluated, is proven in the field, and is ready to scale.

RRA was independently evaluated in the field under “high stakes” conditions by world renowned experts and its efficacy was validated over several years in international markets with dozens of paying customers. 

Remote Risk Assessment

Remote Risk Assessment (RRA®) represents a giant leap in risk assessment technology. RRA is a sophisticated system that uses unique voice analytics technologies to evaluate and quantify distinct characteristics of the human voice related to risk.

(1) Culture and Language

Interviewees answer yes or no to simple questions in their native language. Each interview takes less than 10 minutes.

(2) Remote Evaluation of Responses

RRA uses proprietary signal analysis processes to evaluate characteristics of the human voice to determine risk.

(3) Risk Report

Answers are analyzed and processed in real time and results are provided quickly and securely.

RRA is the world’s first cost effective, scalable, automated risk assessment technology.


More efficient allocation of limited resources.

Identifies human-based threats.

Reduces fraud.

Increases safety and security.