Threats of 2017 to Financial, Homeland Security, and Insurance Sectors

As businesses grow, so does risk. The industries with the most power and control over our economy, society, and way of life are also the ones that tend to be targeted. Think of any major organized attacks you can, from the 9/11 attacks, all the way to the recent Russian hacking scandal. These events, while entirely different, have areas of commonality. Specifically, they targeted the finances, health and security of the US and its citizens and did so through an organized prolonged attack that may have been preventable. Threats in 2017 will doubtlessly continue to target those in the financial, insurance, and security sectors and extreme vetting may be the best way to help us counter these risks.

While terrorism might be the worst-case scenario and the most widely publicized, most of the time, when a company is the target of an attack, the reason is a bit simpler: greed. Whether you’re dealing with a conventional threat, a cyber-attack, or even a terrorist threat, all three industries offer criminals the access, funds, and information they need to create catastrophe. The companies that more the most proactive are the ones that will come out unscathed.

Major Threats

How Cyber Threats Are Increasing Industry-Wide

Probably the biggest emerging threats for 2017 are digital based. Of the top five industries at the highest risk in 2017, finance, healthcare, and government security are expected to be top targets…

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How Internal Threats Impact Industry

While cyber criminals are an external threat, most often they gain access through the internal weaknesses in an organization. Employees not carefully managing credentials or following proper security procedures are far more likely to cause a breach than a DDoS attack…

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Taking a Hard Line Against External Threats

External threats of 2017 weave a complex web of threats: cyber, terrorism, illegal immigration, and the ways that people may choose to respond to changing domestic policies (i.e., falsifying an insurance claim to save money in the face of skyrocketing premiums)…

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Preventative Measures

Extreme Vetting for Minimizing Threats

Extreme vetting is a deep level investigation that covers a lot of different activities. Far more extensive than a standard background check, these procedures are designed to locate and minimize risk by scrutinizing a person’s background, associations and more. Some steps in an extreme vetting process include…

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Remote Risk Assessment as a Triage Process

There’s a major roadblock that’s preventing us from effectively managing investigations in many different industries. That’s scope. The number of individuals to be screened is so large that the only possible way to manage this on a timely basis is to find a way to automate it. This is where Remote Risk Assessment comes in…

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